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AMAFO is an abbreviation of Joint Affirmative Management forum. founded in February 1994 under the trees of Joubert Park, Johannesburg by a small group of managers within the Pick 'n Pay Group.

JAMAFO is a non-racial, non-profit making organisation, non-sexist, nonaligned, democratic and apolitical trade union organising monthly paid workers, clerks, supervisors, junior to middle management in the commercial distributive trade and retail trade...,read more...



(National Executive Committee)

The national Executive Committee (NEC) is the second largest decision making body of JAMAFO in between National Congress empowered to deal with large scale management of the union and its members. During its sitting on 13th and 14th March 2015 in Johannesburg, the following resolutions were taken.

  • That there is an urgent need for a National General Meeting of all JAMAFO members to be held in May 2015 in Bloemfontein. The date and transport logistics will be communicated to the Regions by first week of April 2015 through Shop Stewards. The above meeting has been necessitated by developments within the labour movement in South Africa and company’s new approach to workers.
  • A special Levy to fund this important General Meeting will be deducted from members at the end of April 2015 to cater for transport and other needs.
  • Subscriptions of all NMBU members within JAMAFO will forthwith be adjusted to normal percentage of all other members of the union, in terms of clause of our constitution. All previous standard rate subscriptions for NMBU’S will no longer be applicable. The subscriptions adjustment will be effected as of the end of April 2015.This resolution of equity in subscriptions is in compliance with the LRA Section 95 subsection (5) (f) thereof.
  • JAMAFO national congress date has been set for later in the year and such communication will be done timeously to members for another special levy.

The year 2015 is going to be hectic for all JAMAFO members and their constitutional leadership structures. The NEC in their resolve undertook to grow this organisation to the next level and challenge all kinds of discrimination, exploitation, victimisation and suppression, which affect its members within all JAMAFO organised companies.  It is therefore important that workers unite in their quest for Job security, better working conditions, decent life and improved living wages.


Certificate of appreciation...

20 February 2012 Joint Affirmative Management Forum (JAMAFO) received the Certificate of Appreciation by The IT Data Word Solution (ITDWS), Mrs Bernis Du Plesiss and Mr M.J Mphahlele at JAMAFO Head Office/Johannesburg. Read more...



JAMAFO will start to engage in negotiations with Pick ‘n Pay on 14th April 2015 as part of the mandate given by its members. We do not expect to have a free flow during these first time negotiations with the company, it will be a mammoth task and huge challenge, but we have a team  of capable men and women and we promise to make our intentions clear through demands which must  become a reality. Our members need to rally in full support behind the negotiating team that has been elected by regions and help to create support structures with campaigns during these negotiations. Our strength and power during these testing times lies with our members and must be cemented.



New levels of representation have been attained by JAMAFO in Pick n’ Pay on behalf of its Junior Management members. The new thresholds which are now over 50% will enable the union to engage the company on full collective bargaining matters including better wages, benefits and improved working conditions.

JAMAFO members have travelled this long journey to attain their goal albeit many obstacles including forces who wished for our downfall. It has been proved beyond doubt that indeed “UNITY IS POWER” in all forms of struggles in order to achieve freedom.

Loyal and founder members of JAMAFO from NMBU’S,JMBU’S and SENIOR positions   who took all sorts of criticism for belonging to this trade union are today heroes of their own making, and need not look back but continue the struggle for decent jobs, better life and economic emancipation. JAMAFO has become a power to be reckoned with and will continue to represent interests of the marginalised workers.